Intruder Systems

eHG offers complete end to end solutions for any commercial application from simple storefront intrusion to UL listed burglary systems that integrate video and access control for anything from large retail to complex warehouse environments. 

Access Control Systems

In an era of elevated threats, eHG delivers solutions from simple access control to fully integrated systems that include visitor management, smart cards and perimeter control. These products protect a variety of sectors, including airports, casinos, utilities, government and manufacturing. 

Video CCTV Systems

eHG video surveillance systems provide reliable identification of potential security threats, keeping public spaces and the people in them safer and more secure. Designed to work together seamlessly, these products provide the technology needed to deliver sophisticated security solutions.

Gas Detection

We offer a wide range of advanced gas detection systems and devices that provide exceptional protection at every level.

Integrated Security Management

eHG’s integrated security systems can be customized for a wide variety of environments. Our products are scalable and include a comprehensive portfolio that range from single door applications to high end solutions with integrated video, intrusion and visitor management.

Fire and Life Safety

eHG scalable platforms for integrated fire and life safety solutions that monitor facilities, protect assets and investment and help reduce overall costs.