Security Alarm System

1. Set up high-definition megapixel network infrared cameras in important areas for remote monitoring. The owner can view home situations at any time. The system can set multi-position automatic cruise, alarm output capture, e- mail capture picture alarm, and cooperate with the system to send SMS or call the owner mobile phone alarm.

2. Gas safety: In order to prevent the concentration of carbon monoxide and natural gas in the room from being too high, the system monitors the gas 24 hours per day. If the concentration exceeds the limit, the system will immediately cut off the natural gas valve, open the doors and windows, and start the air purification system. At the same time, send a warning message to notify the owner.

3. Intelligent monitoring and analysis: The system performs intelligent monitoring and analysis of the perimeter through sound collection, image collection, and window and door integrity monitoring. Intelligent detection comparison can effectively avoid false detections, and the intelligent analysis of the eHG system software can distinguish neighbors, acquaintances, and animals.