Home area – At home, the intelligent lighting device adjusts lighting changes in the room by presetting and storing different lighting scenes to cater to different needs of the room owner. It changes the illumination of each area by programming to adapt to the needs of various indoor themes . It is important that the intelligent lighting system can also make good use of natural light lighting, adjust the illumination to the most appropriate level, and give the owner a more comfortable living space.

Office area - In the office area, enter the office, or enter the conference room, smart lights automatically turn on, automatically control the illumination and the number of lights through the pre-programmed lighting system, adjust the indoor lighting to the most appropriate working state. After the work is completed, the lights are automatically turned off; when the natural light outside the window changes, the lights in the room are automatically adjusted to automatically save energy. In this way, employees can be in the best working condition and work efficiency can be improved.

Public facilities - green energy, safety and environmental protection. the LED intelligent light system can change the luminous intensity of the tunnel light with the change of the sun. Traffic lights can automatically sense changes in road traffic, and automatically adjust the length of the traffic lights at the intersection.