Smart Hotel
eHG Mobile Phone Control Hotel System is an intelligent control system for luxury hotels, holiday apartments and holiday villas. Staying guests only need a simple panel to control the curtains, lighting, room temperature, room status, TV, music and video systems. Create an unparalleled experience for your guests.

eHG mobile phone control hotel system controls the whole hotel. It provides a convenient, fast, human services for the hotel.

Control area

          Guest Room/Conference Room area: Room Control System; Light and Air Conditioning Control System; Access Control Unlock System; Power Protection; Multimedia Connectivity System
          Lobby/Corridor/Public area: Building Automation Control System; Lighting Control System; Emergency Lighting System
          Restaurant/leisure area: Building automation system; Lighting mode; Public broadcasting; Distribution system
          Top Roof/Outside area: Automatic Watering System; Video Surveillance System; Outdoor Lighting System
          Underground parking area: lighting control system; emergency lighting system; video monitoring system
          Other Solutions:Centralized Management of Electricity; Remote Control; Technical Support
Custom scene mode, one-click switching

Daytime control
        Welcome Mode——When guests enter the room during the daytime (from 6 am to 6pm) the system will turn on the room hallway lights. When the room card is inserted, the electric curtains will open automatically and the welcome mode will start.
        Viewing mode——close the curtains, reduce the light intensity, adjust the brightness of the TV spotlight to 30%
        Good night mode——one click to turn off all lighting appliances in the room, leaving only the toilet light, curtains automatically closed.

Night control
        Welcome Mode——When guests enter the room from 6 pm to 10 pm, all the lights in the room are automatically turned on and the welcome mode is turned on. After 10pm, the guests enter the room and the gallery light turns on the reading light of the colleague to 50%.
        Reading mode——turn off the room light, spotlights, chandeliers, adjust the brightness of the bedside reading light to 80%; the dimmer switch also provides manual dimming according to personal preferences.
System advantages

        Saving energy: Compared to hotel control under the traditional model, eHG implements energy-saving management on hotel rooms, bathrooms, air-conditioning, and corridors to avoid unnecessary waste.
        Create a more comfortable environment: high end unique intelligent control system upgrdes the hotel rooms. Comfortable lighting effects, pleasant temperature environment and fresh air improve the satisfaction of the residents and make them truly feel at home.
        Improve the level of hotel management: Centralized control systems have laid the foundation for the hotel's modern management. 
        Increase rating to the hotel: The eHG Hotel's intelligent control system will reduce the energy consumption, improve the service  quality and management level of the hotel and increase the rating for the hotel.