Question Answer

What is smart home technology?

Smart home technology can connect every system in your home giving you, the homeowner, instant access to your home’s systems, whether you are at home or sunning on a beach another continent away. eHG smart home system can integrate everything in your home: TV, audio, networking, climate control, water, air conditioner, windows, green home technology, lighting, shades, security and surveillance, even outside landscape lighting and entertainment.

Does smart home technology work in business?

Absolutely. Our commercial clients run the gamut from Fortune 500 companies, colleges and boutique hotels to small businesses, sports bars and restaurants. Our integrated smart home systems are each custom-designed to fit the unique needs of each business so that you, the business owner, can get back to work minus the technology headaches you experienced in the past. The list of business automation commercial services we supply is endless, including conference systems, whole-building audio, multiple smart TVs, security, surveillance, phones, lighting, motorized shades and green initiatives. Everything is integrated into one automated system, controlled from one simple interface.

Is the smart home system complicated to use?

Not at all. Yes your home or business will be high-tech but your life will be streamlined and more secure. Everything is controlled from a wall-mounted keypad, hand-held remote, tablet or smart phone, all labeled with the tasks each can accomplish with the touch of your finger. Imagine you are rushing out the door for work: Simply pressing “Away” locks all your doors, alarms the security system, turns off the lights and non-essential devices, and sets your thermostat to an away setting, saving precious energy – not to mention your valuable time.

What is eHG?

eHG entered the smart-home market many years ago, and seamlessly integrates with your PC, Mac, Apple, Android and Kindle tablets, and Apple and Android phones. It is a fully-scalable system that can be added to at any time. eHG features icons on every touch screen or operating device. To control virtually any function in your home, you simply touch the icon on your on-wall or portable touch screen, navigate through options on the on-screen interface of your TV, or control your system with your familiar mobile device. eHG  is the perfect choice for customers using a mixture of Apple, Windows and Android platforms.

Do I have to make my whole house smart?

No. Our smart home system is fully scalable, so if you want to start small, perhaps with an easy-to-use TV/surround sound system in your family room and a few rooms with background music, it’s easily done. In the future, you can add whatever extras you want or need, since the brains of your smart home is already installed.

Will you have to punch holes in my home to install your audio video system or smart home technology?

The most reliable connection in your audio, video or home  automation system is always hard-wired, so we make every effort to run wires throughout your home or workplace – but we do so usually without making any holes. However, if we have to make a small opening in a wall or ceiling we will always ask you first. In some cases we may choose to use wireless devices. They are easier to install, and in the end they become a part of the whole home automation system.

When do you wire a new home or business for smart home technology?

New construction, renovations and additions to older buildings gives us the opportunity to implement a fully hard-wired smart home system. Everything is planned before the walls go up. Our technicians work in the new construction phase along with the electricians.

How can I benefit from smart home technology?

We call the cutting-edge home automation systems we install digital butlers, working tirelessly – 24/7 – to integrate every system in your home or business: lighting, security, surveillance, appliances, climate, motorized shades and drapes, entertainment, even outside lights and security. Your life is definitely more high-tech, but even more importantly it is streamlined and so much safer.

How long does it take to install smart home technology?

In most cases, it takes from one to three weeks for installation, although some projects can take longer. However, our clients become clients for life, which means anytime they have a question about how to operate their system we are there, which makes us unique in this business. Unless our clients understand every aspect of their system, our job is not finished.